23 09 2008

So after uploading the majority of what I wanted to the server, I decided it was time to close the ftp port. I read a lot of stuff about it being the most vulnerable point, and one of the first ports hackers try. So I read up on SFTP or Secure FTP, and SCP and decided to learn how to use that. Since I had already installed SSH on the server, SFTP and SCP were ready to be used. So I closed the ftp port and have been using these ever since.

SFTP is alright for downloading single files and the way I use it, you can upload music folders pretty easily, since the filenames in a music folder should end in the same extension i.e .mp3. SCP is for downloading directories recursively, so you don’t have to download each individual file, although I suppose you can use SFTP to download like I use it to upload. Since I haven’t found something that allows me to recursively upload with either of these (SCP doesn’t support the put command), I have to improvise a little. Anyway, you can use this source to learn SFTP commands, although if you already know unix, the commands are basically the same. This site on the other hand, explains how to use SCP.

Right now, when I wanna upload a directory with music and it’s structured:


—-|_    Album

————–|_   Song1.mp3

—————— Song2.mp3

—————— Song3.mp3

I do the following. First I create the Artist and Album folders on the remote server. Then I run the following after connecting via SFTP.

sftp> put *.mp3

The * is a wildcard, which basically says you don’t care about any characters before that, and then the .mp3 would be what I assume (or know) all the songs in that folder end in. This has proven to work well so far, I still don’t have a solution for directories with various types of files. I’m open to some suggestions.